Our Mission

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide a Christ-centered educational environment where children are equipped for lives of Christian leadership and service.


At WCS our goal is to glorify God in everything that we do as we work to accomplish our mission.  This means that we emphasize the spiritual development of our students and put God at the center of everything that we do.  With that as our goal, we have an obligation to strive for excellence in academics, citizenship, athletics, community service, and every other aspect of the educational process.


  1. To instill in each child a belief in God as the Creator, and the Bible as His inspired and infallible word.
  2. To lead each child to recognition of Jesus Christ as the son of God and the only way to salvation.
  3. To equip each child with the academic knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in a technological world.
  4. To equip each child with a moral foundation that will prepare them to stand against the evil influences of this world and to live a lifestyle that exemplifies Christian principles.
  5. To equip each child with the social skills that will enable them to successfully interact with others and demonstrate an understanding of the value of others and self.
  6. To provide opportunities for each child to reach their maximum potential with respect to academic achievement, spiritual growth, and physical development.
  7. To encourage each child to develop self-discipline, responsibility, self-sufficiency, and good citizenship.
  8. To encourage each child to develop pride in our American heritage and encourage a sense of patriotism through loyalty and service to one’s country, community, congregation, school, and family.
  9. To instill in each child respect for God, parents, authority, nature, property, others, and self.
  10. To work in partnership with the home and church as we educate and nurture the development of each child.