Elementary Campus

The Weatherford Christian School elementary curriculum meets the guidelines of a well-balanced curriculum as stated in the State Board of Education rule 74.2.  The curriculum at Weatherford Christian School for grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade consists of the following:
• Bible, which is taught M-W-F to all classes (chapel on Tuesday and Thursday is considered part of the Bible curriculum)

• English Language Arts (language, reading, spelling, phonics, and composition)

• Math

• Science

• Social Studies

• Health/Physical education, which is taught three times weekly

• Fine Arts – Music, two times per week & Art, one time per week

• Computer education, which is taught in our newly renovated computer lab.
Each class meets for at least one period per week, and each room has at least one additional networked computer. Teachers have copies of the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and every effort is made to ensure that all the elements are covered in the curriculum. WCS believes that the TEKS are a minimum that should be met. The goal is to exceed the minimum to provide a program that is both interesting and challenging to the students.