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Student Council Travels to DBU Leadership Conference

The Weatherford Christian School Student Council attended the DBU Leadership Conference on September 14th, 2016.  They heard speeches on different leadership styles, and the struggles of poor leadership.  This conference helped WCS student council recognize their own individual leadership styles, how to use their God given gifts to lead others, and how to utilize what they learned to help impact the school in a positive way.


Pictured above: Moorea Kennelly, Carley Mance, Manning Marsh, Shannon Travis, Delaney McKeown, Jackson Floyd, Easton Martin, Lacey Gibson, Michael Samuels, Grace Pendleton, Ryan Findley, Scotly Ogle, Austin Norman

Kenidy’s Crew Shirts – Supporting the WCS Family!

kenidyv2Attention WCS Parents:
As some of you may or may not have heard, our sweet Kenidy Keis, in 3rd grade, is having a very serious brain decompression surgery on October 12th, at Cook Children’s Hospital. Kenidy has what is called Chiari 1 Malformation.

Once they take her back to the operating room, they will do an MRI. Once she is asleep and her head is tilted, they will determine if they will need to go in and open the dura and go inside the brain – it will all depend on how compressed her tonsils are in her neck.

She also has a condition called Syringomyelia (sear-IN-go-my-EEL-ya) which is a cyst, called a syrinx, that forms within the spinal cord. This is a big concern as well. They will not mess with that as they feel the chiari surgery will fix that issue. If not, then she may have another procedure in the future regarding that. (he will do another MRI in 6 months from surgery to check).

The surgeon has talked to Chris and Keri Keis by themselves and told them how serious this surgery is and that if he has to go into the dura, it opens up for all sorts of complications. He has tested her reflexes and indicated he sees some issues with that, but feels that is because of the fluid on her spine.

Kasey Petzold, our PTP President, has been so sweet to help design a shirt with some of Kenidy’s favorite things; the color blue, Jesus and her favorite verse ~ John 3:16, as a fundraiser.


Please see the link below that will take you to our online store to order.


Thank you all in advance for your support for this family and please keep them lifted in prayer in the coming days.

They have expressed how grateful they are to be a part of WCS!!


Nicole Pennell

Area Christian Schools Team Up to Help Others

Weatherford Christian School will be teaming up with Couts Christian Academy, Trinity Christian Academy & Victory Baptist Academy to make a difference by hosting the Parker County Blood Drive on our campuses from 1:00 to 4:30 September 16th.BloodDrive2015

Be sure to Mark Your Calendars NOW, and join us for this special day that helps so many! More details coming soon closer to the big day.

2016 NJHS Induction Ceremony

Congratulations to the 2016 WCS National Junior Honor Society Inductees. They were officially announced at last night’s ceremony which took place at South Main Church of Christ Auditorium.

Middle school students are selected based on five criteria: citizenship, service, pride, scholarship, & character. Common requirements include maintaining a high grade point average (the national minimum is a 3.5) and becoming good citizens (by participating in service projects). The NJHS requires some sort of school service to the community, school, or other organizations.


WCS Student Receives Top Honor During NCHA Summer Spectacular

Charles Russell Bushaw, an incoming 7th grader at WCS was recently awarded one of the top honors within the cutting horse industry, the National Youth Cutting Horse Association Rookie of the Year.  This award is given each year during the annual National Cutting Horse Association Summer Spectacular.  He was also a NYCHA World Finalist and Scholarship Cutting Finalist. Charles Russell consistently earned enough points showing throughout the year to earn a coveted spot at the The World Finals where he finished 7th overall.  He also took 6th place in the scholarship finals, which enables kids to earn scholarship money for furthering their education at the collegiate level. Other WCS Lions who competed within this competition were Will Bushaw, Madison Flynn, Kate Allen, and Addison Allen.  Congratulations to Charles Russell and each of these young competitors on a job well done!

Charles Russell Bushaw

Just Around the Corner…..the 1st Day of A New School Year!

We are super EXCITED….because the 1st Day of School is just around the corner at WCS.  Thursday, August 18th we will open our doors to a brand new year and the celebration of 15 years in Christian education!  If you are unsure about supply list or dress codes, those can be found under DOWNLOADS located on the homepage of our website.

We are excited to welcome both new and returning families for another great year at WCS and if you need anything before that time, please do not hesitate to contact us at 817-596-7807 (elementary) or 817-341-0000 (secondary).

1st Day of School

Ready to Travel Abroad with WCS?

WCS will be traveling to Greece & Italy in 2017 and we would love for you to join us.  See the schedule below and if interested, please contact Penny Fell at penny.fell@wcslions.org for more information.  There is a $100 discount for the first five people who register for this trip by June 22, 2016. Also, the first three who sign up in June will receive the Pisa excursion for free ($70 value). To receive the $100 discount the code is: FIRSTFIVE17

Greece-Italy Trip

Mission Complete

MISSION COMPLETE……..Thanks to the amazing leadership of James Smith and the hard working hearts and hands of countless volunteers, our bleachers are now complete at the WCS football field. We can’t begin to thank everyone enough who played a role in the completion of this task and are truly grateful for the many hours of your time. One more step towards the future of WCS!bleachers

WCS Welcome Aly Pearson to the Team!

Alysha - Head Shot

Weatherford Christian School would like to give a HUGE welcome to the newest member of our team, Mrs. Alysha Pearson, who will join our staff as the new Marketing & Development Assistant. Aly was a California native but moved to Chapel Hill, NC where she earned a 4 year athletic scholarship to play soccer for the University of North Carolina and earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications.
She has been a Marketing Manager, an Advertising Coordinator and a Marketing Coordinator for WindowsPlus, Yahoo! & United Machines. She is an active member and volunteer within her Church at The Gathering and her two young daughters, Blayne & Channing will be attending WCS in the fall as well. Aly and her husband Casey reside in the Brock/Millsap area and we are super excited and feel truly blessed that God has brought them to WCS to help further His mission of kingdom education within Parker County.

Weatherford Christian fourth graders travel to Austin on an Education in Action Discover Texas Field Trip

Fourth graders from Weatherford Christian School traveled to Austin on an Education in Action Discover Texas Field Trip April 19, 2016 to experience what they are learning in fourth grade Texas History. Students visited the Texas State Capitol and the Bullock Texas State History Museum.

Weatherford Christian 4 19 16

During the charter bus ride to Austin, students discussed why Texans are so proud of their unique heritage and participated in activities and games in preparation for their visit. In Austin the students visited the Texas State Capitol where their legislators, The Honorable Craig Estes, State Senator, District 30 and The Honorable Phil King, State Representative, District 61, office. Students saw first-hand where Texas laws are made as they toured the State Capitol including the Senate and House of Representatives chambers. At the Bullock Texas State History Museum students explored exhibits about Texas’s earliest inhabitants, the Texas Revolution, and events that created our Lone Star identity. The students’ visit to the museum concluded at the multi-sensory Texas Spirit Theater with the Star of Destiny where they saw and experienced the history of our great state including a gusher exploding from an East Texas oil derrick and the takeoff of Saturn V as seen from Mission Control at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston.

“Education in Action’s Discover Texas Field Trips are based on the understanding that the most effective way for students to learn is through experience,” stated Lacey Phillips, Discover Texas Field Trips Director. “Student activities during the Discover Texas Field Trip to Austin reinforce and supplement fourth grade Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) learning objectives with a focus on why Texans are so proud of their unique heritage.”

Education in Action’s Discover Texas Field Trips make it easy for teachers to take their 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade classrooms on organized, fun, and educational site-based learning experiences. Discover Texas Field Trip staff members handle all details, including round-trip charter bus transportation, reservations, and TEKS-based program curriculum, so participating teachers can focus on their students and making connections between the experience and what students are learning in the classroom.

In addition to Discover Texas Field Trips to Austin, Waco/Georgetown, Dallas, and Fort Worth, Education in Action also offers summer Lone Star Leadership Academy camps for outstanding 4th-8th graders. During the weeklong, overnight camps, participants experience significant Texas sites in Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin/San Antonio, or Houston/Galveston with Texas educators and a focus on leadership.

Discover Texas Field Trips are presented by Education in Action, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to fostering educated and involved young people. For more information about Education in Action visit www.educationinaction.org and www.facebook.com/educationinaction.

Varsity Cheerleaders Bring Home 1st Place from Cheer Competition

The WCS Varsity Cheer Squad brought home a 1st place trophy this past weekend from the 2016 TCAF Cheer Competition, held at St. Paul’s Preparatory Academy.

(Pictured Below from L to R: Bayleigh Garvin, Delaney McKeown, Miranda Stevens, Scotlyn Ogle, Keighley Parsons, Coach Jeanelle Cox, Tori O’Brien, Hannah Wheeling, Julia Burks, & Maddie McCormick.  L to R Front Row: Lexi Williams, Morgan Davis & Bethany Ross) Varsity Cheer #2 Varsity Cheer