A Note of Thanks from The Keis Family…


Yesterday was All Hallows Eve, or “Halloween”.  Today is All Saints Day, and Wednesday is All Souls Day.  All are originally celebrations of the Church that have been commercialized.  My beautiful wife sent me pictures of all the kids dressed up, in each their own costume, and it put a huge smile on my face, and put tears in my eyes. I work in Odessa M-F
so I live a lot through pictures and face time.  Since joining the WCS family, we have been truly blessed by both the ability to attend, and
the great Christian families that we have come to know and love.  We came to WCS in the beginning for not only a Christian education, but for a great one on one education that we knew we would never receive in public schools.  Every day we realize, more and more, that this school is not only fulfilling the wants and needs we had for our children, but it is making our family even stronger and closer to Christ.

On October the 12th, our beautiful 9 year old daughter, Kenidy, had brain surgery for “Arnold Chiari Malformation Stage One,” and in hopes to help shrink a Cyst on her spinal cord.  With God being the great wonderful, loving, and merciful God that he is, Kenidy returned to school on the 24th just 12 days after surgery.  We have made it out of the forest, but not out of the woods just yet.  We will return for a 6 month MRI checkup to make sure the Cyst is getting smaller and going away.  During this we have experienced so many blessings from so many people, that we are honestly in shock.  I personally have never experienced God’s love from his people like this.  We are so grateful for all the cards, letters, meals, gifts, and most of all the prayers.  If someone in your life does not believe in prayer tell them to talk to our family as prayer works and GOD is GOOD.

We really as a family don’t know how to even begin thanking all of you.  I can tell you that in our evening prayers we pray for all people, but we also pray for our wonderful, GOD loving, praising, worshiping family at WCS.  To be a part of this school is not only a privilege, but a blessing in and of itself.  My wife Keri and I truly believe that without each and every one of your prayers this could have gone different.  Our faith and trust in the LORD is always there.  In every aspect of life the devil will try to prevail.  With all the prayers and loving support from all, the devil never had a chance and we have grown stronger as a family and we thank you.  Prior to surgery, during, and after there is always that voice in the back of your mind that something could go wrong.  Through not only our prayers, but your prayers, we were able to have faith in our great LORD, and not only make it through this difficult time but come out stronger in our faith.  We are Catholic and Kenidy has always loved serving the lord.  Several months ago she wanted to become an Alter Server and we put this off until after her surgery.  She went through training on October the 22nd, just 10 days out of surgery.  Her first time to serve on the Alter was Sunday October the 30th.  The Gospel Acclamation just happened to be, “God so love the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might have eternal life”, which just happens to be John 3:16.  Which was on the bracelet, t-shirts, and this is her favorite bible verse.  This has been simply a remarkable testament to our school, and the children of GOD that attend this school.

In closing, we would like to go back to the first two sentences.  Today is all saints day, and we believe that all of you are saints, for your prayers, and the miracles that you continue to work and make happen, simply by your love of God, prayer, and continued prayer, for not only the children that you know and love, but for those children who do not have the support, and blessings, that have been so graciously bestowed upon us.

God Bless you and Thank You So Much,

Chris, Keri, Kylie and Kenidy Keis

Leslie Chalmers

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