Church Community

Most of us grew up hearing that the church is not the building, the church is the people. It is a community of believers united by Christ who come together on a regular basis with purpose.

I believe the same principle is true with the school (at least with our school): The school is not a building, it is people.  It is students, teachers, parents, staff, leaders, and supporters united by love for the children and love of Christ.  Weatherford Christian School is a community of people with a common mission of providing a Christ-centered educational environment where students are equipped for lives of Christian leadership and service.

When that community gets together like it did Monday evening at Family Fun Night on the elementary campus, it is a beautiful thing. As I walked around and hung out with my own children, I was overwhelmed by the positive energy and camaraderie. We shared a meal, played games, had fun contests, and experienced a shared joy as we gathered to support the school and encourage the community.

We are very grateful to the Parent Teacher Partnership for sponsoring the event and to all who volunteered and participated.