Coming Home

We’ve had homecoming festivities at WCS for years, but until last year, we struggled with what to call them, because we didn’t have any alumnae to “come home”.  Last year was our first true homecoming, with many members of the first graduating class of 2009 returning to celebrate with us.

We are excited to have students from two classes come home this year.  It will be a joy to see them, and we look forward to hearing how they are doing at Rice, A&M, TCU, Texas Tech, Lubbock Christian, Dallas Baptist, and many other great universities. I’m curious to see if our graduate at Cal Poly will make the journey back to Weatherford!  We want to hear how WCS prepared them for what they are experiencing now, and ask them how we can do a better job getting our students ready for college.  The biggest joy, however, will be to hear how they are living their faith and impacting their world.

At the first graduation two years ago we compared that ceremony to the start of a marathon.  The participants run a few laps in the stadium as the crowd cheers them on, but they soon leave the arena for the streets, where the real race takes place.  They may be on a long trek and out of sight, but they are never far from the thoughts of the supportive fans.  The ones they left behind wait anxiously for news, and reports of their progress bring roars from the crowd.

Our former students are running that race. Although the journey is long and they may not be with us physically, they are always in our hearts and prayers.  Homecoming gives us the opportunity to hear about their successes, encourage them in their challenges, and cheer them on, like the crowd in the arena.