Let Your Light Shine

The high school students traveled to Tarleton State University Monday to spend a day on their challenge course, getting to know each other better, building unity, and enjoying a day outside in God’s creation.  They worked together to conquer challenges on the low elements, and showed their courage as they experienced the thrill of the high elements.  Our Student Council took a leadership role by leading a lunchtime devotional, and also recognizing students who stood out during the day as we wrapped things up and headed for home.  The teachers and students interacted in a whole new way, and everyone was uplifted in the process.

One of the most encouraging things about the day was the feedback we received from the course facilitators.  As we were leaving, the lead facilitator told me how much his staff had enjoyed working with our students, and told me that they were the best.  I responded with a polite “thanks”, but apparently he could tell that I had not grasped what he was trying to tell me, so he elaborated on his statement.  “We have a lot of school groups come through here”, he told me, “and I’m telling you, your kids are the best.  They listen when we give instructions, they encourage each other, and they kept a positive energy the whole day. We really hope you guys come back next year”.

We talk to our kids a lot about letting their light shine in this world.  We want people to look at them and know they are Christians by how they act, bringing glory to God in the process.  They did that Monday as they shared their joy not only with each other, but also with those they came in contact with.