Off “to Work”

I always tell people that I love my job, and that I’m blessed to get to go “to work” at a positive, encouraging place every day with teachers who inspire me and students who bring me joy. Here are just a few of the little things that I’ve seen since school started this year that make me feel this way:

• A senior girl got up in chapel and moved to sit by a younger student who was sitting alone. The older student gave her a hug and an encouraging smile, and then sat with her as though she was her best friend.
• An elementary teacher showed up early Saturday morning to the first soccer game of one of her students, much to his delight. “I knew she   would come!” he said with a fist pump when he realized she was there.
• There was a minor incident in the hallway at the secondary campus for which a junior high boy was blamed and given a strike. The boy was actually not at fault, and when the high school boy who was responsible heard he had been blamed, he went to the administrator, admitted what he had done, and requested that he be given the strike instead of the younger student.

I’ve seen teachers giving up their own time to help students, and students using their free time to help each other. I’ve seen hundreds of cans collected for the Center of Hope, and I’ve seen the smiles of faces of elderly people in our community when young people from WCS brought them food from Meals on Wheels. I’ve seen our kids working hard in the classroom, and playing hard on the volleyball court and football field.

I’ve seen the lights of our students shining bright in this world and it’s been a blessing!