Power of Giving

I had the opportunity this week to go with a group from Weatherford Christian School to take meals to the staging area in Graford for the firefighters working in the Possum Kingdom area.  It was impressive how the ladies in the office had coordinated with local vendors to obtain donated food, and take generous funds collected from our school family, to provide a substantial meal for a large number of people.  As I watched this take place, it occurred to me that it seemed like a very natural thing for us to be doing, because it is consistent with the culture of service and giving that we have at WCS.

This event took place on the same day that a representative from the Center of Hope came to chapel to thank the students for the 18,000+ cans of food WCS has donated this year, and to share with them the impact that it is making in our community.  It’s been exciting to see our original goal of 7,000 cans multiply into this large number.

Things like this are going on all the time.  At the high school campus, our junior and senior girls took a day recently to volunteer working on a Habitat for Humanity house.  We have nearly 15 other students who have volunteered to serve at a camp this summer for inner city kids from Fort Worth.  Recently our secondary students went without shoes for a day and collected hundreds of dollars to buy shoes for people in third world countries.  Our sixth graders still take food to people in need every Friday with their Meals on Wheels route.  The list goes on and on.

I’ve always said that being a Christian school means more than the fact that Bible is part of our curriculum, we start our day with a devotional and a prayer, and we have chapel.  It means that we strive to be Christ-like in how we live and who we are, and to glorify God in everything we do.  That manifests itself in our culture of service and giving, and as a result, our students are tremendously blessed as they bless others.