Serving at the feet!


I have been talking to the younger kids in chapel recently about the full armor of God.  When I got to the part about having our feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace, I told them that the gospel of peace is the gospel of Jesus.  The passage calls us to be ready to share that gospel with others, and I encouraged them to not only look for opportunities to tell people about Jesus, but also to be ready to share Jesus with people by acts of kindness and service.

Every year I am blessed to have the opportunity to experience that in a very real way when Mrs. Rachel invites me to her pre-K class for a special time of washing feet. We did that this Friday, and it was such a sweet time with the kids as I washed all of their feet one by one, and then they as a group, washed mine.  There is blessing in receiving the gospel of peace from others, and even greater blessing in sharing it!