“The best is yet to come…”

It’s hard to believe that the year is coming to a close!  It’s been a good one here at WCS, and events like the Sports Banquet, Awards Assembly, Kindergarten Graduation, and High School Graduation give us the opportunity to reflect and celebrate.  There are a few highlights I want to make you aware of as we wrap things up.

At the beginning of the year we set an aggressive goal of collecting 7,000 cans of food for the Center of Hope.  Our students were faithful in supporting this wonderful ministry, and brought cans every Friday throughout the school year.  They response far exceeded the request, and we were blessed this past Tuesday as we participated in a ceremony with the leadership at COH recognizing the 17,458 cans that were collected this year at WCS.  They were overwhelmed by the blessing, and we were blessed by their gratitude.

We received our ITBS scores a couple of weeks ago and were extremely pleased with the results.  Our students performed an average of 2.1 years above grade level, which is up from 1.3 years last year.  It is a testimony to the hard work of our students, and the abilities and dedication of our teachers.  WCS continues to provide an excellent academic program, and continues to look for ways to make it even stronger.  One of our strengths has always been that we think outside the box and maximize our resources, capitalizing on the strengths of teachers allowing them to thrive in a setting that focuses on their area of expertise.

There are many other items that we could note that are indicative of the positive year we’ve had at WCS.  Back in August we made a commitment to focus on prayer as we progressed through this school year.  I promised the students as individuals that if they would pray daily for God’s help, they would have a good year.  I believe that is true for the school collectively as well, and our commitment to prayer has resulted in a remarkably successful year.

WCS is a great school with great students, wonderful teachers, and visionary leaders.  As great as it is, I truly believe the best is yet to come as God reveals the plans He has for the years to come.