The “full armor of God”

I was in a Sunday evening service several years ago where the preacher was speaking on the “full armor of God”.  The lesson was interesting and interactive.  When he got to the part about Satan’s fiery arrows, he asked the audience for some examples of what those might be.  Several people chimed in with answers like greed, lust, anger, gossip, etc.  After a time, the responses subsided and a lady sitting near the front raised her hand.  When recognized, she exclaimed “I think one of Satan’s fiery arrows is that the church needs to get up to date”.  I really wanted to jump up and give the retort “I think one of his fiery arrows is that the church doesn’t need to get up to date!”… but I was a guest, so I kept my seat and bit my tongue.  She struck a chord with me because I strongly believe that it is critical for churches to continually strive to grow and improve the way they do things.  I believe the same is true for a Christian school.  Sometimes change is hard, but it is necessary.

When I was in high school I was fortunate to have Spike Dykes as my head football coach.  Two years after I graduated he moved on to Texas Tech where he had a long and iconic career.  He is a very sincere man who taught us a lot about life as well as football.  One illustration that sticks out in my mind was related to the necessity of approaching every practice with focus and intensity, and a commitment to getting better.  He told us walking on that practice field was like being in an old pickup with a standard transmission, sitting on a hill.  Once you took your foot off the brake, you weren’t going to stay in the same place.  You could either press on the accelerator and move forward, or let it go and drift back. If you didn’t get better, you were going to lose ground to the competition.

We have a wonderful school, but the leadership at WCS understands what Coach Dykes meant, and realizes that we need to always be looking for ways to do things better.  We are in the process of making plans for next year and we know that if we don’t move forward in a deliberate fashion, we will lose ground.  There is great input from the school family through the survey, there is great vision and leadership on the board, and there are great things in store.