The Interview

We have a group of students on our elementary campus that has demonstrated community mindedness and entrepreneurial spirit by taking the initiative to produce a student newspaper.  I have been impressed with their efforts wanted to take this opportunity to recognize the editors: Scotlyn Ogle, John Dees, Jillian Lawrence, Kylie Plevak, Dylan Carnley, Morgan Davis, Brittyn Ogle, Gentry Gonsalves, and Hannah Wheeling.  They recently made an appointment to interview me, and handled the process very professionally.  The resulting article was well-written and will help you to know your headmaster a little better, so I am sharing it below.

Mr. Gravitt

– By: Scottlyn Ogle

During the first semester everyone got to know Mr. Gravitt, but how well do you really know him?  Well, that is what me, Jillian, Kylie, and Brittyn went to find out.  After a thirty minute interview, we found out enough to say we really do know Mr. Gravitt.  Read on to find out.

Mr. Gravitt grew up going to Midland Christian School, Lee High School, and Texas Tech.  He majored in education and taught and coached for twelve years.  When he was teaching, he went back to school to get his Masters Degree.  When he got his Masters, he heard about the job at WCS.  He came here three years after it started.

He likes teaching at private schools, though he believes it’s a ministry either way, because he can be direct about his beliefs.  He teaches Physics for the seniors because he likes teaching high school, though his favorite teacher growing up was Mr. Erxleben, who taught high school calculus.  He liked him because he was laid back and he pushed him.

In the summer, he runs a camp for inner city kids and drives around in a van that belongs to the camp. Now, he’s 46, though he looks younger, and is married with 3 kids.  He enjoys football, steak, and the book “Velvet Elvis” by Rob Bell.  He likes multiplication over division and sometimes wishes that the school taught Sign Language.  He likes the color blue, and the movies Rudy and Elf.  He’s been to Italy, Costa Rica, and the Bahamas.  He wakes up at 5:45 and goes to bed anywhere between 10:00 – 12:00. He likes to eat at McDonalds.

Now the big answer:  Yes, a student brought him an apple, but he prefers Dr. Pepper.