The Story of WCS….

This is an exciting, and somewhat anxious time of year for us as we go through our re-enrollment/pre-enrollment process.  Our prayer is always that every student here returns next year, and that we are blessed with new students from the community that want to share in the excellent Christian education we provide.  Our target for next year’s enrollment is 235 students, and our stretch goal is 250.  We are being proactive in our efforts to recruit this year through churches, the media, and child-care facilities, but our best marketing tool is the testimony of WCS families.  I hope that you will help spread the word in our community, and I want to provide you with some information to use as you do so:

•    We are dually accredited through National Christian Schools Association (NCSA) and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).
•    All of our teachers in kindergarten and up are believers in Christ, are active in a local church, and are state certified.
•    We have graduates attending Christian universities (Lubbock Christian and Dallas Baptist) pursuing careers in ministry.
•    We have other graduates at Texas A&M, Rice, California Polytechnic, TCU, Texas Tech, and other fine public universities.
•    Our 14 graduates last year were offered more than $1.3 million in scholarships.
•    Our students score an average of 1.3 years above grade level on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.
•    We are working to increase enrichment programs on the elementary campus next year, including more opportunities in Science, Spanish, and leadership development.
•    100% of our students who took the AP Calculus test last year passed. All but one made a ‘5’, which is the highest score possible (the other one made a ‘4’).
•    We offer a variety of sports at the junior high and high school level, including football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, golf, tennis, and track.  We also have basketball and soccer for elementary students.
•    Our SAT scores are well above state and national averages, and higher than many established private schools in the area.
•    Our tuition is significantly lower than comparably accredited schools in the area. In addition to this, we offer multiple child discounts that others do not.

I believe the story of WCS is a great one, and I love to tell it to people whenever I get the chance.  I hope you will help me spread the word as we strive to accomplish our mission of providing a Christ-centered educational environment where young people are equipped for lives of Christian leadership and service.