WCS 2nd Graders Build A Bear at Cook Children’s

Brendon Hughes, Tennessee Mize, Blake D'Spain
Brendon Hughes, Tennessee Mize, Blake D’Spain

The Weatherford Christian School second graders traveled to Cook Children’s Hospital on Wednesday, December 17th to take part in their annual service project of “Build A Bear” for the patients being treated by the Fort Worth hospital. Each year, the students at the local non-denominational Christian school choose a mission project they would like to participate in, and this project is just one of over 25 that the local school works with to make a difference for others.


Students are given the opportunity to build the bear or animal of their choice, at the in-house Build A Bear Workshop located at Cook Children’s, by stuffing them and dressing them with the apparel that they have researched and chosen. Additionally, the children must raise money in order to pay for their bear, so the planning starts weeks ahead and students create a work log in order to create chores or jobs that they can do to raise money for their project. This year, the class even collected pecans from their campus and sold them at the local farmer’s market, which raised $18.00. The minimum bear cost $10.00 but clothing and accessories are additional, so students typically aim to raise between $20.00 and $30.00 to make their bear extra special for the children.


Once their bear is created at the hospital, they then pray over them and the bear is then given to sick children at the hospital in order to comfort them during their stay. The field trip has also become an educational experience for the student’s parents who attend. While the kids are busy creating their bears, the parents are given a tour of Cook Children’s Hospital and educated on how the state of the art facility runs and operates on a daily basis. WCS is proud to partner with Cook Children’s Hospital and looks forward to this service project each year.

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