WCS: Just the right size!

As state budget cuts loom on the horizon, and school districts around Texas are scrambling to adjust, I want to reiterate our commitment at WCS to maintain small class sizes with outstanding, certified, Christian teachers.  Our student-teacher ratio is 12:1 in Pre-K, 15:1 in kindergarten, and 20:1 in all other grades.  These limits are consistently adhered to, and there are no plans to increase or adjust them in any way.

Having a low student-teacher ratio is just one aspect of the educational process that sets WCS apart, but it is one that will become more pronounced as changes are implemented in the public school system.  The following excerpt is from an editorial in the Houston Chronicle by State Senator Rodney Ellis, and former Lieutenant Governor Bill Hobby:

Part of Texas’ educational success is attributable to reforms passed in 1984, including a statewide requirement to reduce kindergarten through fourth-grade class sizes to no more than 22 students per teacher. Unfortunately, there is a concerted effort in Austin to weaken the 22-1 cap with a 22-student class size average. While that sounds like a minor change, it would actually gut the landmark kindergarten-fourth grade reform that has served as a foundation for Texas’ educational improvement. It would also inevitably lead to teacher layoffs, crammed classrooms and, eventually, poorer student performance.

The impact of replacing the 22-1 limit with a 22-class-size average would be immediate and touch every family with a child in elementary school. Undoubtedly, many kindergarten through fourth-grade classes would grow significantly, as some classes, particularly those with special needs students, are notably smaller than 22. In order words, one class could have 10 school kids, while another could be jammed to the gills with 34 students, yet the school would meet the requirements of the “reform.” Is that what we really want for our children?

At WCS we believe that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We believe that the school should work in partnership with the home and the church in the education of a child.  We believe in high standards, both academically and behaviorally.  And we believe that children learn best in a safe, nurturing classroom, with a loving teacher, and a manageable number of students.