WCS: More than just a school!

On the way to our “Open Meeting With the Board” last Thursday, I passed the traffic accident on Fort Worth Highway involving an SUV and a school bus.  I immediately called my wife and told her that I hoped everyone on the bus was ok because I was sure the people in the vehicle weren’t, not knowing at the time that one of our WCS families was involved.  As it turns out Becky Clark, the driver, was seriously injured, but will be fine, and her three children walked away.  Having seen the aftermath, I believe we should give thanks and praise to God for His divine protection.

I also want to encourage you to keep the Clark family in your prayers.  Mrs. Clark is recovering, but has many challenges to deal with through that process. We need to rally around the family and do anything we can to help. We already have people who have stepped up to help with transportation of the children, and will begin providing meals for the family next week.  If you would like to participate, please call Shelly Mayfield in the elementary office at (817)596-7807.

I talk a lot about how WCS is more than just a school; it is a community of people unified in a common cause.  Being a community means that we rejoice together with successes, mourn together with sorrows, and reach out to help when there is a need.  This is a great opportunity for the WCS family to live that out in a meaningful way.