WCS Senior Hannah Burrough wins big at 2013 State Fair of Texas

 Burrough State Fair

At the recent 2013 State Fair of Texas, WCS Senior Hannah Burrough exhibited the Grand Champion Star 5 Heifer in the Junior Santa Gertrudis Heifer Show. Hannah and her brother, Kyle-a sophomore at WCS- have shown Santa Gertrudis heifers for the past six years; the Star 5 heifer is part of the breeding up program within the Santa Gertrudis breed. This win was especially rewarding because Noelle was bred and raised by Hannah. Of the five heifers that Hannah and Kyle showed at the State Fair, they bred and raised four of them and brought home two first places, two second places and the Grand Champion.
At the National Junior Heifer Show this past June, Hannah was elected to the Junior Board of Directors for the Santa Gertrudis Assoc., was First Runner-up in the National Queen’s contest. She is in her third year serving as President of Spring Creek 4-H and Kyle serves as a Parker County 4-H Ambassador and is the County Council representative to Spring Creek 4-H.

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