“We’ll Be Back!”

I had the opportunity to accompany Mrs. Vise as she took some of our high school math students to the Coyote Math Competition at Weatherford College last Friday.  It is a prestigious event that attracts numerous schools from this region.  As always, our students represented the school well, not only in how they performed, but also in how they behaved and interacted with others. It was a joy to be with them and see how they stood out positively in a large crowd of young people.  They took third place in the top division, which was a tremendous accomplishment, but were curiously subdued in their response.  As we drove back to the campus, I realized that because they had won the contest the past two years, they were disappointed in this year’s outcome. I tried to put it in perspective for them.

Teams from Brock, Peaster, Poolville, Trinity Christian, and many other schools were at the competition this year. Two in particular showed up intent on knocking the defending champion WCS Lions out of the top spot. This is where the perspective comes in. Weatherford ISD has approximately 7,500 students and over 400 graduates every year.  Stephenville ISD has approximately 3,500 students and nearly 250 graduates every year.  WCS has 219 students and 15 seniors.  What ensued at Weatherford College last week was a three team battle for king of the (math) hill between the teams from those three schools.

Even though they finished third, WCS was in the arena and performed admirably.  Three students, Larson Binzer, Dillon Welcher, and Matt Aaron took home individual honors.  It was a tremendous accomplishment and something that Mrs. Vise and all the students should be very proud of.  But instead of walking out of the building celebrating with the third place plaque held high, our students walked out with a silent resolve that communicated an attitude of “we’ll be back”… and they will!